With so many responsibilities to juggle, it can be very difficult to stay on top of meeting deadlines, serving customers and keeping your books up to date. We understand the challenges you face, so our Back Office Solutions team works hard to deliver the relief you need. We take on many of your daily tasks so you can get out of the back office and focus on running your business.

We offer McDonald’s owner/operators the relief and peace of mind they need to devote their time to running their restaurants. We’re told we’re pretty nice people to work with, and we love what we do. That goes a long way in turning “necessary evils” into a much more pleasant experience.

Accounts Payable

With your approval, your bills are paid weekly and on time without any effort from you beyond sending us a weekly digital package; no more signing stacks of checks! We can also handle 1099 reporting for you.

Cash Flow Monitoring and Daily Deposit Verification

We track your cash flow, verify your sales deposits and reconcile your bank accounts with exceptional accuracy on a daily basis. Potential problems, and even prospects for better growth and management, can be spotted in real time before they become liabilities or missed opportunities.

Sales Tax and E-Sales

We report E-sales monthly and also prepare your sales tax returns before turning over your information to our Accounting Service Team.

Wouldn’t it feel good for at least one facet of running a business to be simple? In addition to freeing you up from administrative duties you never really wanted to do in the first place, you’ll have a full-service accounting department on your side where all your financial needs are integrated in one place.

Call us today to see how Sparkmon & Associates can provide more freedom and less frustration for your business.